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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 21, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. wet on the roads this morning. >> which neighborhoods are getting wet maybe the better question is who is dry? >> not many of us. even when the steadier rain moves out we still have a lot of drizzle, mist, very moist this morning as the cold front and drier air hasn't pushed through. north bay we still have scattered light rain, especially napa valley, down towards sonoma away from windsor, santa rosa, rohnert park, that area. highway 4 hot spot for wettest weather. wet weather as you head towards livermore and dublin, arching across the sunol grade towards union city, fremont and milpitas best radar returns to the south at the coast, towards ben lomond, santa cruz on its way to
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morgan hill, los gatos and southern sections of san jose that is a trend developing more showers offshore and roll across us we are not out of woods yet probably not until noon, then partly sunny this afternoon, upper 50s to low 60s coast, low to mid 60s bay and inland. we still have traffic to deal with. couple problems, three "sig alert"s down to two before you head out your free waze app, heading towards livermore, normal commute westbound is normal towards the altamont pass. eastbound jacknifed big rig blocks lanes at north greenville traffic spotters reporting standstill eastbound as you make your getaway towards i-5. second "sig alert" in san francisco southbound 280 before 101 former truck fire out still blocking lanes. third "sig alert" lifted,
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accident in san mateo south 101 past third in the clearing phases, just about out of there. we are in the storm watch this morning as mentioned drivers are facing a soggy beginning to the thanksgiving holiday. live look from the bay bridge toll, cars lining up there, there is puddling there, you should be aware of that. we are facing slick roads this morning, video we shot earlier this morning on i-580, we don't have that video, there was more rain, trust us on that, chp has been busy, traffic moderate but riddled with problems like single car spin-outs and roll overs due to wet roads. amy hollyfield will have a live report, coming up in 30 minutes. today's storm is expected to cause delays for travelers trying to fly out of sfo where we find terry mcsweeney, with the situation rate now. we can only hope it won't be as -- right now.
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we can only hope it won't be as bad as yesterday. >> reporter: they are hoping the weather will be better today, people behind me, it has been a busy morning out here at sfo not the busiest day the year, not the busiest day of the thanksgiving week for some people, the thought of having to sit around was enough to make them come out early. look at people who got out here really early, some 12 hours before their flight, took a nap and relaxed, others on their laptops, yesterday one to two hour delays, 81 flights chance lated, 40 outbound, 41 inbound, short halls, -- short hauls, regional flights few had to spend an overnight here because of flight cancellations. talked to some people today about their situation as they travel on one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> i got here early so i don't have to pittsburgh in the rush of all the busy people and
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just rather be early than not. >> living in boston used to like you would have snow delays and all of that and the airports would get super crowded, don't like 'em, i decided to stay away as much as i can. >> reporter: talked to an airport spokesman, generally he says they check the faa website to determine if there is going to be ground delays, before they get out of here. he says the faa website is down now. he's going to check it again in 15 or 20 minutes. i can tell you this is the third busiest flight day of this week. number one is this coming sunday when everybody flies back. number two is last friday when everybody apparently, a lot of people taking this week off, get out of town and they all come back sunday this is the third busiest travel day of the week,very busy, 60,000 flying out, 60,000 coming in. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news.
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travels getting into and out of los angeles international airport are already dealing with major delays this morning not from the weather, from protests lines are long at the curbside check-in at l.a.x.. officials are advising passengers to give themselves a three hour cushion at the airport, extra 90 minutes to get there one thousand workers and supporters plan to protest terminated considers and he limb he -- elimination of health insurance. >> [ unintelligible ] hewlett-packard stock will start trading again in less than 30 minutes when the markets open this morning opening at a 10 year low the fallout after the company revealed it is the victim of a five billion dollar fraud as we first told you yesterday morning chief executive meg whitman announced british company hp bought a year ago
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used accounting tricks to inflate its value, hp paid 10 billion dollars for that company. whitman says the company was only worth half that price. you want to stay with abc7 morning news we are going live to jane king at the new york stock exchange to see how the stock for this palo alto-based company is doing today. san jose food bank is still short the up in of turkeys it needs to fill food baskets. we've been telling you about sacred heart for several days. today volunteers will hand out the last of 4200 food boxes. organizers say they still need 200 more turkeys to meet all demand. to find out how you can help go to click on see it on tv. 6:07. on a day like this you are going to want traffic and weather a lot we'll have them together for you next. golden gate bridge deck is wet, drivers have to be careful.
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meteorologist mike nicco will have your full forecast many we'll check in with sue to talk about accidents. a bomb rips through a bus in israel. passengers injured, continuing efforts to reach a cease-fire. #t
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welcome back. thanks for sticking around checking out live doppler
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returns aren't as impressive as they were earlier we still have a ton of moisture sitting in our atmosphere a few more showers upstream to the south wet as they roll northeast. just talked to sue she said you don't need chains in the high country, definitely snow at the peaks there. if you are heading that way, we still have winter weather advisory until 4:00 this afternoon. system coming and stalling on top of us high pressure pushing next system north this front may never make it all the way through even if it does i think it will wash out by noon sunny pockets, upper 50s at the coast to mid 60s for the rest of us, have a coat handy, 40s and 50s by 7:00. bay bridge toll no metering lights yet, cash paying folks backing up towards the overcrossing, i expect metering lights any time, wet, selection, a lot of standing water, multiple solo
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spin-outs and accidents. eastbound 580 past greenville, jackknife big rig three left lanes "sig alert" in effect there backed up towards your getaway at i-5. westbound typical commute slowing out of the central valley. southbound 280 before 101 "sig alert" in san francisco, truck fire out, blocking a couple lanes there. north 101 in cortamadera flooding and slow, earlier accident cleared out of lanes there. north 101 at 13 in san jose, multi-car accident on to the right lane. 6:11. will black friday shoppers face a picket line? hot list apple's ipad is finding itself on, again just in time for the holidays. first, breaking news overnight, bomb rips through a bus in israel. new efforts today to reach a cease-fire.
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check out our roof cam looking at light rain falling right now across the bay area, let's look at live doppler, definitely getting a little drier out there as we speak, definitely going to be moist through the morning hours. the key to the forecast is once we get past noon it looks like things taper considerably as front washes out more so than moving through.
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mid 60s again this afternoon. low to mid 60s along the coast. next couple of days we are going to have cold conditions in the morning 30s and 40s thursday and friday morning. if you are shopping make sure you grab a coat. sunshine in the afternoon, dry weather temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. be careful out there this morning. 6:15. a bomb ripped through a bus in israel today, the latest violence to hit the mideast as efforts to reach cease-fire between israel andjs gaza continue. katie marzullo is following new developments. >> reporter: couple of new things. bombing in tel aviv, number of injured appears to have doubled reports from abc and cnn are that more than 20 are hurt, up from 10, three are critical. israel's deputy prime minister is calling the bombing an escalation in the conflict. the bus was across the street from the military headquarters
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in tel aviv when it exploded. cnn is reporting it was not a suicide bombing that someone left a device on the bus. also hamas is not claiming responsibility but is praising the attack. hillary clinton just arrived in cairo earlier she was back in jerusalem for another round of meetings with israeli leaders trying to help negotiate an end to the fighting. >> we'll work with our partners in israel and across the region, toward an outcome that both feel security -- that bolsters security for the people of israel, improved conditions for the people of gaza and move towards a comprehensive peace for all people of the region. >> reporter: take a look at this, in the last 30 minutes a camera captured this explosion in gaza city, fame sight now. clinton was in the west bank yesterday meeting with palestinian president mahmoud abbas and from the vatican the pope is calling on both sides
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to make courageous decisions in favor of peace. he says he's praying for the victims. more than 130 palestinians killed, five israelis are dead. katie marzullo, abc7 news. shoppers who decide to brave wal-mart stores thanksgiving night could be welcomeed by somebody other than the usual eye greeter protest areas plan to picket 1,000 wal-mart locations for black friday. wal-mart is trying to block the protest federal labor officials don't expect to have a decision today they say the situation is complex. wal-mart does not recognize an official workers union and claim the plan picketing is illegal. new survey revealing what children want this year for christmas apparently anything apple. at the top of the list, the ipad. 48% of children between 6 and 12 want the tablet this year the third year in the row the ipad has topped christmas wish
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lists for children it starts at $499. other popular items, include nintendo's wii-u the new wii, ipod touch, i took a peek at some of my son'sly. >> a 6-year-old with an ipad -- a little early. >> yeah not like his parents are going to get. >> do you know the educational apps you can put on that >> i'm sure those are the only apps you have on yours. >> absolutely, but i never see it. hopefully they will be looking at the radar like we are now on our alarm clock app possibly to see where raining now. here's a look from our roof, you can see how light and small the rain is has become, more drizzle-like the front is starting to push through the bay area and wash out, going
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to hang around through the early morning hours, that's why even though live doppler may not be showing the best returns still going to have steady light rain throughout 8:00 more on the drizzley side. east bay you can see 24 from the caldecott to where it hooks into 680 wet, up 680 out highway 4, still pretty wet there across the -- excuse me the altamont pass into livermore and dublin better chance of rain there, also through the sunol grade towards fremont and milpitas, coming out towards cupertino on 85, 17 and 9 also looking wet, up the peninsula, a little he heavier rain around south san francisco and the airport haven't seen flight arrival delays into sfo, marin headlands getting rain now.
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oakland and san francisco north, 3/4 to nearly an inch and half san rafael towards half moon bay inch and a quarter there, san jose couple hundredths so far. mild this morning, mid 50s to around 60 same in monterey bay, showers end by noon, chilly tonight, patchy fog, dry thanksgiving through the weekend. front is slowing losing upper level support as that moves towards the northwest, going to take the momentum of cooler air behind it to push it through you can see it does still a stray shower by noon towards the evening hours starts to clear out cools to 40s and 50s this evening there's your fog nor the morning hours north bay and east bay valleys, sunny tomorrow afternoon, low to mid 60s for thanksgiving like today mid to upper 60s friday and state, 30s and 40s both of those mornings, low to mid 60s with sunshine and a few clouds
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sunday through tuesday. multiple problems, mostly due to wet roads standing water raining at the san mateo bridge you can see the moisture off the lens of the camera headlights heading eastbound towards hayward tail lights towards the highrise into foster city, slowing about a 15 minute drive from hayward towards foster city. waze app, check this before you leave this morning, westbound 580 and eastbound for that matter, westbound typical out of the central valley, eastbound jammed because of a jacknifed big rig at north greenville still blocking lanes of traffic three lanes blocked guess bound towards i-5 give your -- blocks eastbound towards i-5 give yourself extra time. southbound san francisco before 2801, -- before 280, 101.
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-- it. >> a hot debate among 9er fans. today we find out which side harbaugh is on. 138 points in one game. the record just shatte
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good news as we look at tahoe this morning snow falling at highest elevations you don't need changes if you are heading up that way you have the good and not so good there we would like to the snow drop down lower and get more mountains covered. 50s and 60s most areas, gulf coast 70s, delays around cleveland, detroit, both chicago airports, watching sfo like a hawk and still no delays even with the low ceiling and rain. excuse me san jose and oakland on time. 6:25. 49er coach harbaugh will hold his weekly session with the press today and his team's quarterback situation will no doubt be topic one. harbaugh cancelled yesterday's session to attend a doctor's appointment.
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-- [ inaudible ] davis says the second year quarterback was making brady throws to him. new scoring king in college basketball. jack taylor from iowa scored 138 points last night. yep, taylor took 108 shots from the field making 52, including 27 three pointers, shattered the old mark of 113 points set in 1954. division three school -- [ unintelligible ] [ inaudible ] >> i think he got props from kobe bryant and carmelo
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anthony. >> he did. 6:27. still ahead, caught on camera, holiday crime that could happen to anyone. package theft in one bay area neighbor and the search to find the person responsible. late night search to find the man who fell into a quarry after his cat went missing. >> reporter: we are on storm watch. bay area got a good soaking last night. next where -- next what
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good morning. the day before thanksgiving, 6:30 a.m. view from emeryville west towards san francisco you see the bay bridge and you also see if you look
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carefully the shiny reflection on the roads means it is wet out there, so be careful. thank you for join us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. >> if you are going to the airport you face rain. potential for delays is there they haven't happened yet, as far as sfo, oakland nor san jose. live doppler, good morning, 6:30, most reporting stations are saying it is wet with drizzle to light rain even though the radar is not as impressive as it was when we came on two hours ago. along the north, best radar returns napa and sonoma towards marin. east bay right now the valleys and shore showing a little bit of a drying trend, a few more showers from half moon bay, moss peach, pacifica towards the peninsula you may see an uptick in the inch y of your
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rain best rain along 17 into san jose along 237. -- a few more developing onshore probably won't get out of the wet weather until noon then slow clearing a little sun for the afternoon, upper 50s throw 60s at the coast rest of us in the -- low to mid 60s be careful. multiple solo spinnouts a lot of accidents, standing water, flooding metering lights on at the bay bridge it is wet even if it is not raining in your neighborhood now the ground and roads still slick, backed to the 880 over crossing. approach to the bay bridge reports of an the approach 88 note commute lane we'll check back on that. -- good news in the central valley area up and over the altamont pass i should say eastbound 580 jacknifed big rig just cleared "sig alert" lifted. i-5 eastbound 580 clear.
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westbound continues to be rough up and over the altamont towards livermore. southbound 280 before 101 "sig alert", car fire out i should say truck fire still blocking lanes and very slow, northbound 101 before 880 accident blocking lanes, slow traffic one more, westbound 237 past lorenz expressway blocking a lane of traffic there. >> you've been talking about the slow traffic, we are on storm watch this morning, today's rain could make driving difficult if you are about to hit the road for thanksgiving. amy hollyfield joins us live from the bay bridge toll with conditions outside now, any puddles there? >> reporter: we've been watching for standing water, cars have been zipping through without trouble now we are looking at standing cars that busy part of the morning so you see cars sitting here at the toll plaza, we haven't seen areas of standing water and we've had steady rain
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throughout the morning, we are getting a break now. video overnight will give you a sense if you didn't hear it while you were sleeping, it will give you a sense of what you missed. i talked to the chp overnight they told me they were very busy the phone was ringing like crazy with calls about spin-outs and people having problems, standing water had caltrans busy, to keep the roads safe and ready for the morning commute. later in the morning things did settle down as the rain started to taper. they were very busy at height of it, now things seem to be calming down. the good news, there weren't major emergencies because of the rain. now the really good news is, if you don't like rain, we are supposed to have a lovely thanksgiving, forecast looks really good looks like a beautiful day tomorrow. amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
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wet weather also expected to cause delays at san francisco international where huge crowds are expected for their thanksgiving holiday >> here's a live look at curbside sfo doesn't look too bad, inside it is a mess the terminal looked like this a short time ago, long lines, incoming flights at sfo were delayed at least 99 minutes last night because of rain and low ceiling. >> heavy traffic getting in and out of the airport even by midnight. the crowds are getting heavier, we are going to keep our eye on that. >> several shelters are getting ready to open to help the homeless in the coming months. starting monday, homeless men, women and children in the south bay can find shelter at sunnyvale and national guard armories. several shelters in san francisco are already open and serving meals on a
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staggered schedule from now through february. a man is dead after falling down a slippery hillside into a water filled rock quarry in oakland. crews began searching for the man 7:00 last night after receiving reports he may have fallen off the cliffside behind his home, while searching for his cat. the body was found by a dive team at 1:00 this morning in the 80 foot deep quarry. officials say the cat was safely found an hour into their search. >> j 26-year-old murder suspect scheduled to be in court today in san jose. he's believed to be involved in a violent crime spree, jonathan wilbanks was arrested last friday. an officer suffered minor injuries in the shootout. wilbanks and another suspect still on the loose, suspected of killing 22-year-old rory parkpettiford during an attempted carjacking at a 7-eleven and three other robberies. fremont police warning residents to be aware of
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package deliveries they are looking for a female suspect who stole packages from the front of a home they provided surveillance video of the woman, as she approached after the delivery she took the package with a bag of canned goods left for a charity collection. if you are going to be out of town for the holidays, the police settlement is promoting a courtesy -- police department is promoting a courtesy security check. >> anybody can sign up any time of the year we are really promoting it this week. >> find out more about the service at the department's website, 6:36 is our time, traffic and weather together for you next. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge even the camera lens is wet and the cars seem to be moving slowly. mike will have the full forecast, sue checks traffic, next. president obama is back at
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the white house after his whirlwind tour of asia. the reason the command in chief may not be too happy about the outcome of his trip.
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87 this the south bay san jose near hp pavillion the rain has picked up once again. you can see we have rain rolling across san jose heaviest near tully towards alum rock near blossom hill back towards campbell and los gatos. waves of light rain even drizzle for the rest of the morning commute as the system is stalled overtop of us, as we head towards noon, it is finally giving us its last chance of a shower then partly sunny this afternoon upper 50s at the coast, mid 60s for rest of us. wet roads in marin county south 101 past civic center tail lights towards lincoln central san rafael, problem
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southbound 280 before 10 -- before 101 in the city that has cleared. good news in san francisco. just getting word there's a 10 to 15 minute delay on bart. another accident west 237 past lorenz expressway blocking a lane. westbound dumbarton toll, accident blocking a land of traffic. busy morning, lots of standing water please give yourself extra time. ahead, president obama returns to the u.s. after a whirlwind asian tour. trading underway on wall street. the dow up 19 points. we'll a extra close attention to hp stock after it hit a 10 #t ! !
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welcome back. live doppler 7 hd over the last three hours heavier rain moving into the central valley climbing up the western slope creating snow at highest elevations no need for chains. temperatures today after the noon hour, when the sun stars to breakthrough, mid 60s, low 60s at the coast. -- next few days drier, thursday, friday shopping, it going to be cool in the morning 30s and 40s mid to upper 60s by the afternoon. 6:44.
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let's check in with josh elliot for what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> how it is going? it is great to be with you and everybody there in the bay area what a busy day we have. here on the show and out there on the roads and in the skies, 43 million plus of us on the move. we've go it all covered each angle, each major city what you need to know as we head our roads and skies. also, dramatic testimony in the trial of the valedictorian accused of killing his mother new details about the evidence against him. dan and nancy will be here to break that down for us. backed into tomorrow, big dilemma they tell me is it thanksgiving dinner or the door buster deals. becky checking out the savings are they worth passing up the dinner and the football and
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the family and the -- no, a big, fat, no! but we will still put it to the test. also, talk about a wow last night, "dancing with the stars "0 this champs two had to go home, emmett and an poll -- apolo. great new artist gary clark, jr. singing us into a holiday weekend it is going to be great do not miss a bit of it, next here on "good morning america." happy thanksgiving to you both. >> you too pal. >> have a good one josh. new this morning general petraeus' image is taking a big hit his popular has dropped since the sex scandal forced him to step down as head of the cia more see him favorably than unfavorably ing to a new poll, 45% -- see petraeus favorably over all down ten points from march 2011 and 16 points from his
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peak in september 2007. 32% see him unfavorably, a new high. secretary of state clinton just arrived in cairo as part of a diplomatic push for a truce between israel and hamas. earlier this morning a bomb on a bus in tel aviv wounding 20. clinton will meet with egypt's president today she has already met with the israeli prime minister and the palestinian president. clinton and other world leaders are trying to piece together a deal tone the conflict. more than 130 palestinians and five israelis have been killed. president obama is back at the white house in time for thanksgiving he landed last night following his three-day tour of southeast asia which included his landmark visit to myanmar the first serving u.s. president to visit the country. mr. obama also visited cambodia yesterday. however, political analysts say the president's trip has been overshadowed by the mideast crisis. hewlett-packard is
6:47 am
trying lick wounds after the stock took a beating yesterday after stunning news. >> steve jobs' vision of a new headquarters is going to have to wait. jane king can tell us why that is. >> good morning. apple says construction on is new building won't be finished until 2016. the city may not be able to complete its environmental impact report until june and apple may not be able to start work until 2014. jobs presented the plan to the city council before his death apple has submitted revisions, apple wants more underground parking spots and specials to have a total of 14,200 workers there. let's look at how the market is doing today. we are expecting a quiet day markets closed tomorrow. green arrows so far. bloomberg index higher by a third of a percent.
6:48 am
hewlett-packard shares as you mentioned, they did get hit hard yesterday, they arenvrgzç n again slightly so far this morning that was a disaster the stock yesterday down nearly 12% after a company all autonomy it bought yesterday, represented its financial situation previous to the buy-out. if you are short of oven space tomorrow you might try using your dishwasher you can prepare poached salmon by wrapping it in foil and letting it go through the wash and heat cycles, some say it is more green, rotor rueter says the large pieces of food can cause a major back-up. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. i'm still trying to figure out the toe if you are can i thing kwraoeufpl
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>> before you can -- think about the meals you have to think about your destination. >> 87 near hp pavillion san jose light rain this neighborhoods, starting to get a little drier north bay as cold front is starting to work down from the north to the south. some of the better radar returns around american canyon, vallejo, we knee shah, 87, 80, towards fairfield, vacaville, -- head down sunol grade wet mission boulevard, -- alum rock, bloss sell hill road, prospect and saratoga avenue lighter rain. -- peninsula south san francisco down 101, --
6:50 am
rainfall amounts impressive ar?iñhñ oakland, south bay a third to a little more around redwood city, hayward san jose still getting the rain. very mild this morning upper 50s to near 60, mid 50s to mid 60s around the monterey bay showers. showers end noon chilly tonight fog forming dry for thanksgiving through the weekend. front slowly moving through got hung up as wave developed and brought heavier rain, everywhere else spot on. front moving through, one last push of a shower near noon
6:51 am
everything stars to clear by 5:00 temperatures drop -- starts to clear by 5 o'clock. clouds and sunshine partly cloudy tomorrow, sierra snow, winter weather advisory, two to five inches of new snow above 7,000 feet, you don't need chains now. low to mid 60s tomorrow, mid to upper 60s friday and saturday. low to mid 60s sunday through tuesday. standing water, flooding, big problem this morning for a lot of areas, roads wet, macarthur maze off of 880 headed eastbound to 80, 580 approach to the bay bridge 80 moving nicely, no problems. bart delay daly city line bay point pittsburg direction 10 to 15 minutes.
6:52 am
all other mass transit on schedule. north 101 before 880 in san jose accident blocking lane slow speeds, fatal accident at intersection of mckey and jackson in san jose. eastbound mckey shut or closed i should say,$r4 o westbound getting through. westbound dumbarton earlier accident at toll cleared, things should be picking up there as you make your way on the dumbarton bridge. ahead, five things to know before you go. abc7 morning news returns
6:53 am
live look at the san mateo bridge traffic slow no accidents on this bridge. certainly, there are a lot of issues on the roads this morning. sue tracking a lot of accidents because of the rain. that rain moving all around mike has one final check in a second. five things to know before
6:54 am
you go: number one, getaway day for many seeing slick roads, traffic moderate, riddled with problems like spin-outs and rollovers due to the slick, wet roads. >> number two, skies will be busy today for the holiday getaway, live look at sfo outside the terminal, looks like it is drying off a little, going to be busy. passengers packing in long lines inside as people fly out for the thanksgiving holiday. they aren't seeing weather delays they saw yesterday. faa having an issue with their website. you have to imagine with a day like this there should be some. number three, missile strikes continue into gaza strip this explosion captured on video an hour ago, secretary of state clinton arrives in cairo this morning
6:55 am
to meet with the president of egypt. she has already met with israeli and palestinian leaders in an effort to broker a cease-fire number four, oakland man is dead after falling down a hillside behind his home. divers found his body in the water about six hours after he disappeared. he was reportedly behind his home looking for his cat. his cat was found safe. >> number five, just in time for thanksgiving, president obama set to pardon either cobbler or gobbler this morning during the annual white house turkey pardoning sermon. peta is asking the president to skip the tradition and operate for tofurkey instead. -- >> dove tailing on what you have said, no reports of any delays, even with the rain and low ceiling. i've gone to alternate sites on the they are saying no delays mainly chicago, detroit
6:56 am
and cleveland. live doppler, you can see our intensity of the rain is waning, we still have wet weather through moon when it becomes scattered. low visibilities, but it going to be much brighter into the afternoon. we'll have upper 50s to low 60s at the coast. to recap: bay bridge toll not bad, looks like some are taking the day off, metering lights on, you can see it is relatively light heading into san francisco no issues on the upper deck, bart 10 to 15 minute delay, daly city line, no other mass transit issues now. fatal accident in san jose mckey at jackson story alum rock that whole block eastbound shutdown, westbound getting through. accident eastbound 4, too. the abc7 news continues in 25 minutes with news, weather
6:57 am
and more traffic. >> we'll keep you posted all morning with weather and we are all on
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good morning, america. and breaking now on this busiest travel day affecting millions. blinding fog in chicago, set to snarl flights from coast to


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